What's Love Got to Do With It? How to Leave Emotion at the Door When Buying Your New Home!

Posted by Rick Clarke on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at 12:14pm.

Many people allow their emotions to drive their purchases and some of these emotionally-driven purchases may lead to financial strain or the wrong investment choice. When it comes to purchasing large items or making investments for the future, it is very important to not be emotionally involved. If you cannot seem to leave your emotions behind by using the tips below, you might want to let another person whom you trust do the buying for you. If you are buying a home in Vancouver and tend to get emotional over major life changes and purchases, there are a few ways you can avoid getting overly attached or emotional when doing so.


Make Sure You Have Support

 A solid support system consisting of family members and close friends can be a life saver when buying a new home. If you find yourself glowing and head over heels for a property, your support system can help you calm down. The deeper you fall in love with a new home and property, the more you are going to end up spending. Ask your friends and family to attend the showings with you so your emotions stay in check.

Make sure you have an objective person with you, one that can see both the negatives and the positives of the home you are viewing. They will be able to encourage you to ask the right questions and find out the important information regarding the property, and they will also help you stay on budget.


Speaking of Budgets

Remember to set a budget for your home shopping adventure and stick to it. If you go into each viewing with a budget, it will be easier to maintain your emotions rather than get overly excited by luxurious chandeliers and twisting marble staircases. By having it all written down and in your hand, you will remind yourself that you are investing in a new home for your future and not merely renting a place for an event or non-substantial reason.

Try Your Game Face on for Size

Ever played poker before? Do you have one of those non-descriptive faces you can put on that can suppress your emotions and allow you to think rationally? If you have this gift, by all means use it when stepping foot inside a Vancouver property you have already fallen for through a listing photo.

Keep an Open Mind

When you step foot into a home, do your best to keep an open mind and avoid choosing just one property to fall in love with. Enter the viewing process with the idea that you may come away with a few homes you like, or possibly none at all.

Be flexible with your Vancouver home search and you won’t get frustrated during the time of the actual viewing. Some people go through many viewings, only to choose one spontaneously at the end out of utter frustration. They usually make the wrong choice.  Step away, come back another day with a clear mind, and choose the new home you want to spend your life in.

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